SuiDEX is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform based on Sui Blockchain -the most performant & reliable L1 built with Move VM, offering investment and trading options, yield-earning opportunities, and bond participation. Users can benefit from the security of Ethereum without incurring high gas fees. SuiDEX provides an automated market maker (AMM) based DEX with limit orders, stable and normal AMM curve pools, variable LP fees, fixed and dynamic protocol fees, and 0% LP minting fee. Settlements are quick, taking only 1-3 seconds. Compared to L1 ETH, users can save more than 95% in gas costs.


  • Swap (Fee: 0,3%)

  • Add / Remove LP


  • Farms (Staking LP earn Token)

  • Pools (Staking Token earn Token)


  • Prediction

  • Lottery


  • SDK

  • Info & Analytics

  • Bridge

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