The SuiHubs analytics dashboard operates on top of the [...] blockchain. The native digital asset of the project is the SUI token, which complies with the [...] standards. SUI is a utility token that offers its holders a range of benefits, such as access to the SuiHubs dashboard and all of the features previously discussed. The total supply of SUI is 1 billion tokens. This represents the total fixed supply, so no additional tokens will be created. The smart contract is designed to prevent the minting of additional tokens. The SUI token is used to pay subscriptions to access the dashboard and all its features. As we progress along the roadmap, more SuiHubs features will be linked with SUI. SuiHubs believes that it is the business fundamentals of the platform that determines the value of the SUI token and not the activity of traders per se. The more users there are of the system, the more valuable the token will become. Because SuiHubs wants to encourage onboarding, and therefore the purchase of the SUI token to take out subscriptions, there is no tax imposed on token transactions — SUI will always be taxless.

Token Distribution

Token Utilities

A full list of features that can be accessed on SuiHubs launch can be found in our membership table.

  • Trading Competitions & Social Trading: Participation in trading competitions and rewards in the SuiHubs ecosystem will require the use of SUI tokens. From phase 5 onwards, users will be able to create their own strategies and share them on SuiHubs. If a certain number of users adopt the strategy, an SUI reward will be given to the creator.

  • Advanced Tooling: As the features on the roadmap continue to develop, more advanced tools such as running backtest using the strategy builder tool will also require the use of SUI tokens. These strategy analyzers can be computationally intensive, especially when running across many different blockchains and tokens. Users will only pay for what they use.

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